Description: Humans come in a broad variety of shapes and sizes; the Game Master must decide what sorts of Humans live in the game world. An average Human male in good health stands around six feet tall and weighs about 175 pounds. Most Humans live around 75 years.

Restrictions: Humans may be any class. They have no minimum or maximum ability score requirements.

Special Abilities: Humans learn unusually quickly, gaining a bonus of 10% to all experience points earned.

Saving Throws: Humans are the “standard,” and thus have no saving throw bonuses.

Combination Classes

To become a member of a combination class, a character must meet the requirements of both classes. Combination class characters use the best attack bonus and the best saving throw values of their original two classes. One combination class is mentioned in the Elf racial description:

Fighter/Magic-User: These characters may both fight and cast magic spells; further, they are allowed to cast magic spells while wearing armor. A Fighter/Magic-User must gain experience equal to the combined requirements of both base classes. Elven Fighter/Magic-Users roll six-sided dice (d6) for hit points.

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