Hit Points And Hit Dice

When a character is injured, he or she loses hit points from his or her current total. Note that this does not change the figure rolled, but rather reduces the current total; healing will restore hit points, up to but not exceeding the rolled figure.

When his or her hit point total reaches 0, your character is probably dead. This is not necessarily the end for the character; don't tear up the character sheet.

First level characters begin play with a single hit die of the given type, plus the Constitution bonus or penalty, with a minimum of 1 hit point. Each time a character gains a level, the player should roll another hit die and add the character's Constitution bonus or penalty, with the result again being a minimum of 1 point. Add this amount to the character's maximum hit points figure. Note that, after 9th level, characters receive a fixed number of hit points each level, as shown in the advancement table for the class, and no longer add the Constitution bonus or penalty.

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