Description: Elves are a slender race, with both genders standing around five feet tall and weighing around 130 pounds. Most have dark hair, with little or no body or facial hair. Their skin is pale, and they have pointed ears and fine, delicate features. Elves are lithe and graceful, moving with deftness and ease. They have keen eyesight and hearing. Elves are typically inquisitive, passionate, self-assured and sometimes haughty. They have a typical lifespan of a dozen centuries or more.

Restrictions: Elves may become Clerics, Fighters, Magic-Users or Thieves; they are also allowed to combine the classes of Fighter and Magic-User (see Combination Classes, below). They are required to have a minimum Intelligence of 9. Due to their generally delicate nature, they may not have a Constitution higher than 17. Elves never roll larger than six-sided dice (d6) for hit points.

Special Abilities: All Elves have Darkvision with a 60' range. They are able to find secret doors more often than normal (1-2 on 1d6 rather than the usual 1 on 1d6). An Elf is so observant that he or she has a 1 on 1d6 chance to find a secret door with just a cursory look. Elves are immune to the paralyzing attack of ghouls.

Saving Throws: Elves save at +1 vs. Paralysis or Petrify and +2 vs. Magic Wands and Spells.

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